“I have been so fascinated with mens hair systems for so long now, mens hair pieces really stated drawing me towards the Main Road Branch.”

Mens Haircuts in Capetown has been a lot of fun for many years but hair systems in Greenpoint sounds more attractive to me.

The store has such natural light and the shop gets full sun the entire day. Sitting outside with a drink is a absolute joy after your haircut at Blokes.

Brian then found himself a company, Hair Options in Milnerton and spoke to Didier, the owner of Hair options and started training with them.

Brian is now starting with his own clients, and specialising in hair systems but smaller systems. So not a full head. You don’t always need to shave everything off just for a full mens hair system, we can do smaller systems as well. Completely unique to every client.

“This is something I want to do for a very long time, completely overwhelmed at the quality of the hair, and its something that I would like to work with for the next 30 years.”