What a busy few weeks it has been! I gave my first few scissor cuts and B is really happy with my progress. I’ve got the basics down, it’s all practice practice practice from here on out

It’s coming to the end of my first month since I have finished training. Every single day I have continued to learn and build upon the foundations which B has provided me. Whether it’s a tricky crown, a skin fade in less than 30 minutes or a simple cut, every step of the way I am picking up new rules, skills, advice and experience.
I have been so blessed to have so many cuts in my first month, some days have been quieter than others and some days have felt like 1000km/h, but there hasn’t been a day I haven’t enjoyed.
Whenever I have a wobble, I know I can turn to Brian for advice and Megs is always there to congratulate me at the end of a day and spur me on to push harder and learn more.
From here on out, it’s just a case of manifesting my destiny, believing in myself and letting the Summer flow!