This has been such a good week so far, the Greenpoint store is really becoming the hair salon of choice for gentlemen in Cape Town.  It’s a lovely feeling indeed! 

The store has been great overall, we even have clients coming to us once a week now and that’s amazing ! 

Max is running a special for his clients now, you can buy 3 cuts for R600 with Max and that saves you R300. Very nice Max !

I have just returned home from Bloemfontein where I spent time with my family and we also had a family wedding. Was great fun. So much fun that the priest ended up with another couple in their bed … naughty naughty… 

Was great to come back to Greenpoint and see everyone again. Max and myself has been rolling out the skin fades now and I must say, I’m loving the foiler. What a nifty little thing.

We are also doing a campaign with Rocamamas, for Father’s Day we are giving away a prize for one of their lucky winners, very excited for that!

I’m also going to start training Max on Brazilian hair straightening soon – he would love that, he always can’t believe the incredible results after and also the great quality of the hair, blows me away each time. 

Keep it real 

Stay safe 

Don’t be a poes…