I know we might be in a pandemic, but I am definitely grateful to be at work. Having clients visit us and meeting them at the door always puts a smile on my face, you can’t see it under my mask, but it’s there. 

Our little shop in Greenpoint has turned into a safe haven for myself, Brian and Max during the pandemic. The guys cutting hair during the day is always so much fun and doing Manicures while they are tending to our clients is such a laugh. 

The salon was also recently cleansed by a very good friend of Brian’s, Matt. This guy is so good that he doesn’t even have social media – by recommendation only. 

The store here in Cape Town is like a little home away from home for the team. We love being here at work and we love the natural feel in the store, the shop really has the most amazing following.

Max also decided that he wanted to do something special for his clients, now wants to offer his clients 3 haircuts but you only pay for 2. So you save R300 with that, that’s really sweet of him. He thought about it, I thought it was nice. 

I think we all decided that this year, no matter what happens, we are just going to enjoy each day to the fullest. We enjoy the barbershop, I enjoy seeing all my clients leave so happy after my 10 minute head massages, they almost fall asleep. 

Oh my word, and my wedding is coming up, so all the guys would need to cut their hair for the wedding, do like a boys day in the salon. Looking forward to all the planning still and getting things sorted for October. I can’t wait.

Let’s continue on this great note, onwards and upwards