Blokes Academy

Blokes Academy

Blokes Hair Training Adademy is back with a Bang . Brian is done with too much cutting and not having time to train, something that brings him so much joy ! That’s his real passion. Educating everyone willing to be passionate and committed with the course and watching them succeed as they leave after 4 weeks doing perfect work, everytime. A skilll, perfected over 17 years, handed over in just one month.

I can train anyone and everyone, and believe me I have in all my years. They are all excellent stylists now, giving all their clients that perfect flawless cut.


Blokes Hair Academy Courses:

Week one – Cost R7000

Be the best trainee and learn the running of a store. Trainees learn how to cut from the best teacher, ever. Brian assist on clients booking for trainee cuts. And our trainee gets communion on all the perfect and Blokes Hair standard cuts.

Week two – Cost R7000 

Be the best assistant and help Brian cut one on one. Take the training next level and fine tune the hair to a smoothed perfection and your haircut will last 4-6 weeks.

Week three – Cost R7000

Be the best student and start doing your own cuts on clients booking for a student cut. We, Blokes Hair will give you comm on every cut done instore as a extra bonus for good and outstanding work during the week.

Week four – Cost R7000 

Be the best of the best of the best.

Soft and fine tune every cut with Brian and learn his special teanique that has kept Blokes Hair the best men’s salon for grooming in Capetown for the last 7 years. This is the students last week to find out what keeps Brians clients always coming back !

Blokes Hair will also give you even better commission the last week and by now you should just the most confident and daring with hair, having fun playing with a passion all day long.

Would you like to chat ? or text 0714024664


We’d like to thank all our sponsors and partners who help make Blokes Hair what it is so we can go that extra mile for our clients. Big shout out to Spier Wine Farm and Parow Brandy for keeping our glasses full. We also love G-Star clothing and Christopher Reid jewellery.