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Dessata Detangling Brush

Dessata Detangling Brush

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Discover Dessata's Professional Untangling Brush, a Spanish-made gem designed to brush your hair effortlessly, eliminating tangles without causing breakage or pulls. Its 440 flexible gel barbs, strategically placed at varying heights, bend to navigate knots, preventing hair damage and leaving you with a glossy finish.

This brush boasts a compact, ergonomic design suitable for all hand sizes. It's an anti-static and anti-frizz solution that massages the scalp, promoting blood circulation. Endorsed by hairstylists worldwide, it caters to all hair types and is ideal for curly, thin, dry, thick, and brittle hair. Embrace quality, sustainability, and continuous improvement with Dessata for a professional finish and vibrant, healthy hair.

If you seek hairbrushes that won't break or pull your hair, explore Dessata's extensive collection featuring elegant models like the special edition Dessata BRIGHT and trendy PRINTS brushes. Choose your favorite from a range of colors and designs, and experience the difference from the first use. Whether for wet or dry hair, Dessata's anti-shooting brushes are a must-have, endorsed by hairdressers globally and continually refined to meet user needs. Trust Dessata for a seamless and comfortable hair care routine.

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